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Taurus proxies offers you a good oportunity to get expensive mtg cards at a more reasoneable cost with a gorgeous style, perfect proxies for kitchen or casual play or friends EDH Commander proxies party as well, because these are NOT TOURNAMENT LEGAL, so take care. We think our alternate magic the gathering proxy cards style goes at the same time in a classical and modern direction. We work hard to go beyond the design standars to offer one of the best mtg proxies on sale, no low resolution skryfall proxy here.

Please note that, despite our best efforts, our proxies re not real magic cards (no black core mtg cards), so we use a slightly less rigid quality paper that feels like a real card once it is sleved. Also, we assure you size and thickness are the same as a regular TCG card, but it must be understood that there may be slight differences by the cut and in the correspondence with the back (that is a Taurus Proxies custom one).
Although, in Taurus proxies we cover a large number of mtg cards (always in expansion), but we pay special

attention to EDH commander proxies, so stay tuned for incoming news.
Images, names, other text, and symbols are Licensed and/or Trademarked by Wizards of the Coast (no afiliation or endorsement), (never stealed art from internet artists), so making mtg proxies is for us a passion and a challenge to offer you new and magnificent styles and fresh ideas in the near future,  so we hope that Taurus Proxies will become your favourite mtg proxy website store.

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